©2019 "Les Amants"

Ink, graphite, paper

Edition 1/1 [sold]

20 x 20 cm

©2019 Chinese ink on Paper

Edition 1/1

20 x 20 cm

Hake brushes

Coating rod


Observing flora whose changes unfold as time works upon it – from bud to fruit – every step has its own distinctive beauty.

In a beautiful setting, I will provide professional guidance for you to discover your own personal inspiration.

The secret of small.

We will work in a small format and we will give ourselves 

a chance to slow time.   This allows nature to reveal a world that we might otherwise miss, so that we see and cherish the ineffable.

With simple means  you will create beautiful and unique works.

I will share with you my experience as artist and as human being, and will be pleased to accompany you through our time together.

Kind regards,

Henrieke Strecker

All images and text are the property of Henrieke Strecker and only used with permission ©2020