With its lush blue tones the cyanotype process (blueprint) is one of the first photographic printing methods of the 19th century. This process was devised in 1843 by an English woman named Anna Atkins, a biologist and pioneer of photography.

In a special process prints are produced with the aid of sunlight. For the development of the papers water is only necessary – this process is  environmentally and resource friendly.

The workshop will include a brief introduction to the history of the cyanotype, producing negatives without camera (Cliché Verre), and handling of materials, coating process and exposure.

There is a selection of fine papers available that are suitable for this process. I will share different ways to tone the prints and to edit them.

This photographic process you can easily accomplish at home without much effort. Expensive equipment and materials are not necessary. To implement at home you can get a detailed script for your perusal and deepening.

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