I was born at the edge of the Black Forest, in Freiburg, Germany. 

My interest in photography began by experimenting with photograms, so-called lensless photography. More than 30 years ago I printed my  first photogram and built my first camera obscura. – I now work in monotypes and video.

Borders and transitions have always pulled my interest. 

Thus, you  will find me in that liminal space between painting, printmaking and photography.

My subjects are taken from nature. I exhibit my work internationally,  e.g. Germany, Italy, Albania, Spain, Norway, USA.

For seven years I lived in the forests of the White Mountains on the  East Coast of the USA, teaching analog photography, as well as  historical photographic processes of the 19th century, at  Plymouth State University, New Hampshire.

I then returned to Europe. Since 2015 I have resided in Berlin.


To all friends:
Sternwald Impressions

Change of Plan

I created my exhibition Sternwald Impressions to evoke the silence of the forest with which I have felt connected all my life.

The deep silence of the Sternwald, first opened for me as a child, is an essential companion amid the global turbulence we all feel.

Dwelling with the Sternwald silence through all turbulence is the starting point of my series Sternwald Impressions.

There will be other times to show my work on paper. For now my concern is to transform the planned exhibition into a silent form speaking to our global concerns.

The event is thus postponed, and a new date will be announced

in good time.

An alle Freunde:



Ich habe meine Ausstellung „Sternwald Impressionen“ geschaffen, um die Stille des Waldes wachzurufen, mit der ich mich mein ganzes Leben lang verbunden gefühlt habe.

Die tiefe Stille des Sternwaldes, die mir als Kind zum ersten Mal eröffnet wurde, ist ein wesentlicher Begleiter inmitten globaler Turbulenzen, die wir alle spüren. 

Das Verweilen in der Sternwald-Stille, durch alle Turbulenzen, ist der Ausgangspunkt meiner Serie „Sternwald Impressionen“.

Es wird andere Zeiten geben, um meine Arbeiten auf Papier zu zeigen. Im Moment geht es mir darum, die geplante Ausstellung in eine stille Form zu verwandeln, die unserem globalen Anliegen entspricht.

Die Veranstaltung wird daher verschoben und ein neuer Termin wird rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben.

All images and text are the property of Henrieke Strecker and only used with permission ©2020

All images and text are the property of Henrieke Strecker and only used with permission ©2020